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02 February 2011

A few things of note.

a. Prayers for the repose of the soul of my friend's father.

This friend happens to be a dear one to me and someone who has been near me through my own sorrows. (I could go on a huge explanation of what she means to me, and how she's been there, but that would alas take too much time). I would sincerely appreciate it if you offered prayers for her and her family as well as for the repose of her father's soul. It hurts me much to see her going through this. Going through this with my mom, grandma, and a another friend who also lost her father it's been especially trying on me.

b. An extension on pt. a

Please also pray for me. This has really brought me down to the point where I didn't even bother getting up this morning because I was so depressed and in tears. (No, there is no visual evidence of such, I grieve privately). I wasn't known to the blogging world at the time of my mom's death (didn't have a blog, let alone the term blog), but that time was both physically and spirutally draining on me. As these memories came into my mind, this is what broke me down at vespers the other day (albeit quietly)...and has made me for all intensive purposes a numb robot ignoring everything....Aye yai yai....As if being sick last week and struggling wasn't enough!

c. The good Cardinal

aka Cardinal Rigali gave a good talk to us yesterday. Focused on the new translation and remaining in God's love as well as the letter from Pope Benedict XVI to seminarians. I didn't have a chance to mention to the cardinal that I'm from his home town.

d. A blog of note...

Island'd be nice if a few more Bishops spoke like this

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