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30 January 2011

How has my first month back been you ask?

As I've made no qualms about, I was enjoying very much the weather back at home in Ca before I left back for Pa. Where it's 70 degrees and no snow, it's wonderful. Yes, I'm a fan of hot weather, just in case you haven't noticed.

Adjustment back to schedule hasn't been easy. Though now that I've found this "hell alarm" i can be up at the appointed hours. Being grumpy never sounded so cool :p

Classes have started again...I can honestly say that this semester has gone relatively smoothly so far with the exception of the snow. It's good to look at, walk in not so much.

Went to the march for Life in was quite short and more like a quick climb rather than a walk. It was freezing so i felt all the screws that I have inside me. It was beautiful to see everyone standing up for Life. The San Fran one was a bit more penitential...(and 40 degrees warmer :p)

I will only say continue to pray for me as I'm going through a few trials at this time.


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