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15 March 2011

Catholic Media Promotion Day

I've been running around protesting today, so I haven't really posted on this...

Short and sweet

3 Fav blogs

1. Fr Z-The Latin is just so much just is.

2. Acts of the Apostasy-humor, orthodox, I always get a kick out of this blog

3. Dymphna's Road-frank and honest commentary, love her blog. Though sadly when I was in Va, I didn't get to meet her, oh well, next time.

2 fav Catholic links

1. The Vatican-self explanitory

2. Zenit-good news summary

3. Catholic culture-I like some of the articles

My own work

My blog here...Thanks for reading in spite of the lack of posts. It's been a tough adjustment to the real world. I'm thankful for the friends that I've made through the blog world, as well as in real life.

Pax Vobis

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