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23 March 2011

Some thoughts

a. Guilt until proven innocent..

All the major blogs are commenting on the Fr Corapi situation. Whatever happened to innocence until proven guilty. Oh wait, he's a Catholic priest, he had to have violated the vows. (note sarcasm). We freak out because of the minority that do mess things up for the majority all the time, but this is ridiculous. Lest you think I'm being biased, the same principle applies to the TSA and virtually every American Law on the books. The system is flawed...though that's an argument for another day.

b. Going to Mass

Has been the most difficult thing for me to do, though I have been going. I'm still trying to recover from not being in seminary anymore, and the fact that I'm not with the religious order. The pain is often a bit too much at times. There are various situations which do not make this any easier. I ask for your continued prayers as I attempt to adjust to "normal life."

c. Libya

I really think the occupant in the White House hasn't read the Constitution. Even the left knows you must ask Congress before declaring war. Ya know something, since he's not following the Constitution, I think he should be impeached. Of course that'd make sense, so that's never going to happen.

d. Japan'ed out

I feel for the victims of the earthquake, I live in earthquake central, only in Ca do we have a parish named San Gabriel de los trembles. But after a certain amount of time, I get annoyed with hearing things. The same for Justin Bieber and Michelle Obama invading Disney Channel

e. the NCAA tourney

My brackets are busted...enough said

f. Good news...

I'm working to obtain my credential to teach math and physics on high school level. In what I'd like to call a "once in a lifetime opportunity" My old physics teacher from HS is retiring, and I may get the job replacing him since I'm an alumni.  I should probably get my crazy resume of teaching together or something like that.

g. Travel to Russia

I'm quite fascinated with Russian culture, I of course will be traveling to Russia very soon. (and by soon, I mean the moment I obtain $ 1000 )

h. Archbishop Gomez

Will be at St Therese Parish tomorrow in Alhambra, guess who's gonna show up...or try not to get caught in traffic

Pray for me and God bless

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