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01 March 2011

The News...and other stuff

a. Wisconson and the unions

While unions in of themselves aren't intrinsic evils. There is a problem with the unions in this particular case.

The good governor is not trying to destroy unions, alright. What he is trying to do is prevent coercion into unions. That is to say people should not be forced to be apart of a union they don't want to be apart of.

Also, in what world do you elect your boss? None that I know of. Doesn't that make a conflict of interest? I think so...and as a former member of the teachers' union, I can say that this organization is the 2nd most evil organization in the US.

b. The unrest in the Middle East

The Middle East has been in un-rest for how long now? Before Biblical times I'm guessing. But here's something to think about...Iraq and Egypt were once secular governments. Now that they're not...Israel for all intensive purposes is screwed.

c. How am I doing?

I've been offered a job in tutoring Chemistry. There also is a youth ministry job that I'm interested in applying to. Things are going okay. I'll be flying to Ca next week.

d. Prayer requests

for Fr's Alexander Lewis, and Nicholas Milich

e. random note

Why is HGTV so addicting?

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