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11 March 2011

I almost forgot to write about this....

Good morning...

I arrived back in California on Monday night...I've been doing a ton of working so I haven't had the opportunity to blog quite yet, so I'll go in order of the events that have happened.

a. Math minds are always in need...

Literally the very next day I was tutoring math...once a math teacher always a math teacher :)

b. Best Ash Weds ever!

My fellow blogger/friend/LA running mate Emmy and myself went down to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels (Yes, can't you tell that the new occupant has brought a joy to some of us here) for Ash Weds Mass. (though we didn't get there until about Communion time, thanks to me getting lost looking for a particular institution). Who knew the parking lot would be completely full and we'd have to park outside for a few extra dollars. (Whenever I become president (or world dictator), I'm totally making paying for parking illegal)

We didn't get our ashes until after Mass was over. Went to the bookstore and picked up a Rosary and Holy Card, and guess who we ran into on our way out...

Archbishop Gomez of course :), to which both of us kissed the ring and were filled with glee like little kids in a candy store. He blessed the rosary and holy card. There's new wind in Los Angeles, and it's filled with orthodoxy and warmth. The fact that our Archbishop took the time to talk to us is awesome. (and Emmy and I are fairly tall, we're like towers to the archbishop, LOL!). His pectoral cross was awesome...(all gold :))

Things are slowly changing here in LA....and I'm glad it.

c. I'm officially

Enrolled in my crudential program. I should be done by the end of next year. Back to the teaching world by next year :)...

d. Let us pray for

The earthquake victims in Japan...

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