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03 January 2011

How in the world?

a. The Seahawks make the playoffs?

The Seattle Seahawks won their division at 7-9...

The NY Giants and Tampa Bay Buccaneers went 10-6 and are just like me watching the playoffs on their flat screen tv in HD.

Is it me or does making the playoffs with a losing record sound a bit whack? It's just like a guy in a company that lost a billion dollars in profit getting a promotion. It just makes no sense. The NFC west is a joke division, sorry they're just not that good. When the best team is 7-9, something ought to be done ;)

b. did my last 4 best friends get doubleganed into one person.

Really, it's scary how much a friend of mine reminds me of each of them with her mannerisms. Not like I prayed for this either, (I didn't). It's almost as if someone took the qualities I admire in each of them, and placed them in this one me a bit to think about...

c. is someone able to say that "he doesn't involve himself the parish"

When this person does more than what's asked of him. Is the fact that this person is actually doing what he's called to do scary? This person has always bowed to your every command, and this is how you treat him. I can't believe you'd do that to him (wait, actually, I can, it happened to me, nevermind)...never has it depressed yet encouraged me so much to see a friend of mine carry his cross.

d. did I not find these songs earlier...

Dark Carnival-Vanessa Carlton, I love the melody and the total darkness theme to the song. (I believe in the whole, why put on your headlights in total daylight theory). So glad I went to Megan's blog and found this playlist thingy :)

A year without rain-Selena Gomez, "every min no matter what i do, my world is an empty place, like i've been wandering the desert for a 1000 days, don't know if it's a mirage, but I always see your face" That speaks to a ton of images that go on in my head...too personal for blogging.

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