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13 January 2011

Living life crazy loud, like I have the right to

You're probably all wondering how my first vacation back home went...While I will not be telling you all the details of what happened, I'll give you a synopsis of some themes that occured during my vacation.

a. I'm actually appreciated.

I haven't heard this much support of me in many years from anyone. It's almost as if I get used to being attacked and am constantly on seek and destroy mode of whomever to me. I've had former students come up to me and tell me how appreciative they were of me and the things that I did for them. It especially felt good when one of the girls I've helped through rough times caught me at Church and said a simple thank you for all that you've done for me. I of course don't teach or do anything for appreciation, but it's nice to know that I am :)

b. They only make one of you.

Between my near hundreds of lunch dates that I had with various people, there was not enough time in the world to see everyone I wanted to see. (But I got to see everyone I truly needed to see). Another friend of mine also recognized this. Some people got to see me more than others, and that's alright, there's always May.

c. Nothing quite says I love you like a sore back

To which I was able to see my adorable niece and nephews and they climbed all over me (and indeed that's where my sore back comes in). I really do love them, It's hard to say no to their smiles and I'm always happy when they run and give me hugs. (Now to find a good masseuse)

  1. There are some that just don't believe you

Even when you tell them you're a s seminarian, have an ID to prove it. Apparently there are some that think I like to play dress up. It's funny, I thought I wasn't supposed to be in cognito on Church grounds. Oh well. (Good thing this wasn't my parish)

e. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Just when you thought things were taking a turn for the better with a new Church, and new vessels. The Precious Blood is STILL poured after the consecration. Though at least they've made an upgrade to a gold pitcher instead of glass now. Half Woot!

f. All it takes is to see the look in someone's eyes.

And a warm embrace to never want to let go and freeze moments in time. insert melted heart

g. The weather in Ca is CLEARLY better than Philly

It doesn't even matter if it's raining on a torential downpour on your date of arrival home. It's still better. :D. Give me 60 and Rain over 30 and cold any day of the week. Just pray I don't slip and fall on the way home. 

h. You can go back home again

And things be the same. Somehow it's thought that who I am would be changed, it hasn't, lol. I still have a ridiculously twisted sense of humor, love to teach, and am just a total geek at heart. (I even have a button to prove it :D

  1. I really didn't

Want to go back, leaving home is always difficult. I really wanted to soak up the sun...

j. God's will be done

And not my own...bring on semester 2 of Seminary.


a. Apologies to Emmy, we totally forgot (or rather ran out of time) to do the lay exorcism of the so called Catholic school.

b. Apologies to  Natalie, Shana, Josh, Isaac, Adrian, and anyone else that I didn't get to see during my vacation.

c. I'm not sorry for any trouble or mischief that I caused while I was gone :D

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