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07 January 2011

The week in news...

a. The 112th Congress...

What a breath of fresh air compared to Pelosi et co. References to LENT, and expression of humility from the new Speaker of the House. Let us pray for this congress that they do not get consumed by power and actually hold to what they say.

b. Muslims attacking Christians in various places.

The only good Muslim is a lukewarm Muslim. Period :). They're imitating Muhammad who killed and raided others. God love those that are trying to change Islam into a more peaceful religion (I know that there are some trying), it's an uphill battle which will be lost because of the contradictions to the Koran. Change in this behavior will only happen when the clerics from Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq will condemn such behavior (and MEAN IT). These are the real people that are in "control" of Islam so to speak. All of these attacks are calculated and occurring with one purpose, to wipe Christians off the face of the Middle East.

c. Slowhio State University

escaped, and should have lost that game. I just can't root for them, EVER!

d. Rich Rodriguez

Was never going to work at Michigan. Cold weather does not work for high flying offense, sorry.  Running and being a power team works much better. Good luck finding a new coach.

e. Your prayers

Are asked for the repose of the soul of my cousin's husband. As well as for myself, I'm going through a bit of a trial on my vacation.  Thank you!

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