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14 January 2011

May 1st is the date...

For the beatification of soon to be Bl. John Paul II. Now I'm happy and everything don't get me wrong here...

Is it wrong of me to think that there's still a bit of cult of personality left over from all of nearly 6 years ago when he passed away? I know that information can be quickly processed, but I don't really think that 6 years is enough time to be objective towards a person, memories are still fresh in peoples' minds.

Maybe I'm just a bit cynical that his fame overshadowed his holiness (which i have no doubt about). Lest we think being a Saint is about being perfect, in all of the Saints, we can find something (or many things) that they did wrong in their lives, this does not take away from the objective holiness that a Saint had.

I submit to Holy Mother Church when it comes to these matters esp. when my personal opinion differs...there's nothing wrong with one more person in the heavenly army coming to my aid, I need all the help I can get.

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