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29 January 2011

Some thoughts on Liturgy

a. The TLM is not a cure all for the problems that are in the Church. People leave the Church even with the tradition and the patrimony of the Rite. There is a disconnect between the encounter with the Most Holy Trinity and the living out in our lives. The Mass is supposed to transform us. We've all got a ton of work to do in this regard. (Especially myself). Nor do I really think any Traditionalist thinks this in their hearts (they act like it for sure, no doubt). What's really going change the world is the reconnection with the Liturgy in our lives and how we live out the Gospel, this part is missing from "Save the Liturgy, Save the World" Once this happens the World will be transformed.

b. Clarity is something that will be needed. Genuflect when not at Mass, bow to the altar even though the Tabernacle is in the center of the Church. (GIRM 274)...why not a both and solution...First bow to the Altar then genuflect to the Tabernacle (because quite frankly it looks smoother)...alas Joe that makes too much sense :p

c. Bridge the disconnect between Liturgy and Life, and Save the World :)

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